Styling and Branding Images

Frozen Falls at Gaylord Palms Resort


I continue to take workshops and webinars to improve my photography. Again and again I hear the presenters talk about branding. These are top names in their photography niches. They talk about their beginnings and how they got to the top. Invariably branding is part of the process.

Branding is not as simple as creating a logo for our photography website. Branding is essentially creating expectations. We evolve the kinds of images we enjoy making and that we are good at creating. By looking at our portfolio, prospective clients can see what we do. If they like what they see, they may contact us to create similar images for themselves. This is the theory of branding.

I am still in the thick of choosing my style of images. I am also still exploring the kinds of images I want to capture. I’d like to hurry the process up but I am not as focused as these photographers. I have many other interests.

Having said that I feel I am making progress. The image with this entry shows one of the falls at Gaylord Palms Resort that I took with a slow shutter speed. This is the first time that I’ve used this technique shooting a scene of moving water. I like the high contrast look of the image and decided to make this even more obvious by sharpening lines so that the image almost appears like a line drawing.

I’d like to use slow shutter speeds for panning moving objects. I’ll need to practice this. This would allow me to take more exciting photos of my models.


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