Jain Nuns, the Second Documentary

My friend, Babu Banthia, asked if I would like to interview Jain nuns again on video. The short preview video I posted on YouTube received the most number of comments and views of the dozen or so videos I have edited and posted. I told him I’d like to have another go at an interview since that first video was made under constrained circumstances. I had locked my gear in the car and shot with a handheld camcorder, the subjects outdoors in the shade against the wall of the house. Not the best images but the content was excellent. One of the nuns, Samani Charitra, was especially good at communicating information about Jain practice, and she was one of the two nuns who came to my studio today for what I hope is a better video. I took a few still pictures but because of he subjects posing was limited.


One thought on “Jain Nuns, the Second Documentary

  1. The faces are not so visible but it may be deliberate so they could be symbols of the Jain nuns. Identity is not the point of the picture. The photo is symbolic of the Jain nuns, not of the person herself. It is a good picture.

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