Handheld camera with 50 mg lens makes surprisingly good images!

I was worried about shooting these two models with Brian. Somehow with the Canon 7D, using zoom lenses with stabilization control I end up with blurry images. Moreover my photo shoots the whole of this year were all done in the studio where I controlled the lights. In fact I have been shooting with more variety of lighting sets-ups since adding Alien Bees to my arsenal of lights.

Brian asked the models to contact Peak Performance on the city’s northeast corner, theorizing that since the gym was a standalone gym, not a national chain affiliate, they would be more likely to consent to use shooting on their premises. It worked and I went along for the ride.

The first half hour of shoot I turned out blurred, unusable images. I finally put on my F1.8 50 mm prime lens and decided to shoot manual. It worked! The colors were surprising. They were not as rich as what I get with either daylight-range strobes or Tungsten but seemed more alive! I am hooked!

I am really grateful to Brian for forcing me into this situation. Watching Jazmine Star’s five-day workshop shooting a wedding on location with minimal use of any artificial light wa invaluable! This was a major step forward for me.


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