Photographers at the 2010 Carmel International Art Festival

Contrary to weather predictions of rain, the sun shone brightly warming the crowd that flocked to the juried art fair on Main Street in Carmel today. I was there mostly to check out the photographer artists on display. Last year, Andy Chen’s photograph booth was judged Best of Show. He was there again today. When I entered the booth no one else was there so we were able to talk for a few minutes. He told me he had a studio at the Stutz building downtown. He has a degree in computer science but became a full-time photographer five years ago. He got an Honorable Mention ribbon this year.

He told me he used a Canon 5D. He takes photos from trips around the state and in other states when he goes hiking. They all “went through LightRoom and Photoshop” but he only does “dodge and burn” and does not alter structural components.

His Facebook shows his busy schedule. He participates in various art fairs, including the Penrod this year. First one must develop craftsmanship and artistry then he or she has to go on the road and market the work. I dream about gallery shows but I’m not sure I would commit myself to the marketing. We’ll see. One step at a time.


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